Points Competition Rules

All Memorial Park Crit racers are automatically included in the Castelli/Bontrager Points Competition.  Points are awarded based on finish places each week.  The top 10 standings will be posted here after each race.

A racer's top 9 finishes out of the 12 races in the series will be calculated into the Points Competition.

If a racer participates in 2 different races each week, their points are included in each race separately and not combined.

Each week the current winner of the Points Competition will receive a Castelli Leader's Jersey.  They are encouraged to wear their leader's jersey each week they are in the lead.  All racers are welcome to keep their jersey, even if they no longer remain in the lead.


1st - 10 pts

2nd - 7 pts

3rd - 5 pts

4th - 4 pts

5th - 3 pts

6th - 2 pts

7th - 1 pt


This year, the Points Competition winners from each category will be receiving prizes donated by our good friends at Trek!

Men's 1/2/3 & Women's Open

The top racer will each receive a pair of Bontrager XXX road shoes and a Bontrager Velosis helmet, both in their size and available color of their choice.

Men's 3/4, Women's 3/4/5, Men's 4/5, Juniors

The winner of each of these points competitions will receive pair of Bontrager Velosis road shoes in their size and available color of choice.


Men's 1/2/3Women's Open
1Jaime Olmo12
2Sean McElroy10
3Robert Castano7
4Lucas Bourgoyne7
5Mattie Mata5
6James Hilyer5
7Will Sharp4
8John Cascio4
9Shane Poncik4
10Said Assali3

1Amber Smolik20
2Jennifer Wagner14
3Angela Man7
4Natalie Pruitt7
5Venny Alub6
6Haley Smith5
7Tara Kelly2
8Paige Zizka2
9Stephanie Cole1

Men's 3/4Women's 3/4/5
1Colin Noe15
2Tailor Pruet10
3Matthew Dawson10
4Buddy Lightfoot7
5Drew Yoder5
6Travis Crisman4
7Juan Restrepo4
8Luke Fleming3
9Cesar Gomez2
10Patrick Breen2

1Alison Bassity17
2Haley Smith10
3Natalie Pruitt9
4Angela Man7
5Irene Benavides Perez7
6Paige Zizka5
7Robyn Poulson3
8Venny Alub2
9Katelyn Elliot2
10Margaret Crawford1

Men's 4/5Juniors
1Daan Kegel17
2Keenan Godburn10
3Buddy Lightfoot10
4Sam Hjelm9
5Jason Rose7
6Patrick Simpson5
7Todd Beeby2
8Justin Ogden2
9Neils Meissner1
10Luke Magilke1

1Sebastian Nichols10
2Philip Davis10
3Nicholas Balbin7
4Zach O'Brien7
5Richard Balbin5
6Corbin Gudgell5
7Tad Decatur4
8Lucas Rose4
9Josie Decatur3
10Drake Olson3