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SCCC History and Contact Information

Club History
Space CIty Cycling Club was originally founded as the JSC Bicycle Club in 1979 by employees of the Johnson Space Center. It's original purpose was to promote two-wheeled transportation. By 1995, the club had expanded to include cyclists from throughout the Clear Lake area. In recognition of its more community appeal, the name was changed to the Space City Cycling Club. Its mission has been expanded to include promotion of cycling both as a sport and as a recreational activity for the entire family.


Celebrating Years of Cycling Excellence

Current membership is over 200 individuals and families from the Clear Lake community and surrounding towns. The annual membership fee is $25. The club has broadened its range of activities and expanded its membership to more than 200 residents of Clear Lake and surrounding towns.

The Space City Cycling Club (SCCC) is a diverse bicycle organization. Our membership consists of various levels from the recreational rider to the category-level racer. Members are interested in many aspects of the sport, some of which will appeal to you. Our monthly newletter, "The Pedaler's Press," will keep you in touch with events, activities, and services that suit your interests.

Bike Barn is the primary sponsor of Space City Cycling Club.
You can print the SCCC member application at home. Click here to download the application in Acrobat format. Please note that viewing and printing the SCCC member application requires the Adobe® Acrobat® Viewer. To download that software for free click here.

Space City Cycling Club

P.O. Box 591101
Houston, TX 77259-1101

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