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Overall Points Competition

FINAL Castelli Overall Points Leaders

Pro 1/2/3

Place Name Points
1st Alex Vasquez 215
2nd Jaime Olmo 208
3rd Scott Minard 187

Overall Category Standings

Cat 3/4

Place Name Points
1st Lucas Bourgoyne 249
2nd Cesar Gomez 188
3rd Eric Attayi 150

Overall Category Standings

Women's Open

Place Name Points
1st Pamela Ferguson 337
2nd Meredith Bunkers 227
3rd Tracy Jones 151

Overall Category Standings

Cat 4/5

Place Name Points
1st Nicholas Turner 353
2nd Roberto Castano 288
3rd Ed Kronenberger 220

Overall Category Standings

Women 3/4

Place Name Points
1st Pamela Ferguson 348
2nd Robyn Poulson 228
3rd Clare Gardner 215

Overall Category Standings


Place Name Points
1st Will Sharp 280
2nd Sebastian Le 152
3rd Brian Luciano 140

Overall Category Standings

Points System Structure & Rules


The overall classification is scored using a points system, and will exist for all categories featured at the series. The breakdowns of points are as follows:

1st          20 points

2nd          17 points

3rd           15 points

4th           12 points

5th           11 points

6th           10 points

7th-          9 points

8th           8 points

9th           7 points

10th         6 points


  • Each week the results will be posted and points tallied up for each rider.
  • Point primes will be awarded at the race director’s discretion, varying in value.
  • Riders must finish the race in order to obtain points from a prime
  • Cat ups: In the instance that a rider moves up to the next race level, his/her points will not be carried over. If the rider cating up is in the lead, then the leader’s jersey is relinquished to the next best placed rider in the previous level.

The Leader's Jersey: If you hold the leaders jersey, please treat it with respect and care. The jersey will be passed on if there is a different leader the following week. Leaders will be notified before the next race that they need to relinquish the jersey before the race.