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Resource Center
Health & Fitness
- Basic Training
- Biking for Health
- Getting Fit is Fun
- Eat Right, Ride Longer
- Eat As You Ride
- Keep Yourself Hydrated
- Monitor Your Heart for Faster Fitness
- Cycling Nutrition
- Use Heart Rate to Pace
- Build Strength with Hills
- A Little R&R is Good
- Don't Forget the Sunscreen
- Use the Gym Come Winter
- Winter: Great for Mountain Biking
Fit & Comfort
- Biking Comfort
- What's the Right Size Bike For You
- Saddle Position & Comfort
- Seat Adjustments
- We've got a Seat for You
- Lower Your Seat for Mountain Biking
- Short Shorts-Long Comfort
- Cycling Gloves Protect Your Hands
- Take Care of Your Hands
- Handlebars = Comfort
- Clothing for Cold Weather
Starting Off-Equipment Know How
- New Bike-Things to Know.
- Tire Pressure, Improves Ride
- Finding the Right Pump
- Folding Tires-The Advantage
- Choosing the Right Tread
- Helping your Bike to Last Longer
- Tips on Locking Your Bike
- Safe Night Riding
- Checklist-Reduce Problems
- Adjust Bar ends for Better Biking
- Cycling Shoes-Maximum
- Understanding Cycling Shoes
Riding On The Road & In Traffic
- Basic Safety Rules
- Always Ride on the Right
- Ride Right-But Not too Far Right
- Traffic Principles to Ride By
- Safe Lane Positioning
- Turning Tricks
- Changing Lanes & Making Turns
- How to Ride in Bike Lanes
- Hey! Obey Traffic Lights
- Dealing with Road Rage
- And...When You're in the Car
Riding Techniques
- Pedaling is about Spinning Not Stepping
- Perfect Your Pedaling
- Learn how to Ride in a Straight Line
- Avoiding Trail Obstacles
- Body Moves to Help Smooth the Ride
- I.M.B.A Singletrack Advice
- Learn to Mountain Climb Strong
- Master the Mud
Safe Biking Basics
- Let Us Help You Pick the Right Helmet
- Properly Fitting A Helmet
- Stop Quickly and Safely
- Be Safe! Ride Defensively At Intersections
- How to Be Safe on Group Rides
- Ordinary Sunglasses Aren't Good for Cycling
Be Prepared
- Stay Hydrated
- Food for Pedaling
- Two-Minute Pump Up
- Getting Ready for an Event
Family Fun
- Safe Bicyling for Kids
- Teach Your Kids to Ride Today
- Family Bike Rides
- Helmets And Children (CyclingTips)
- Taking Kids, What to Consider
Know What To Do
- Shifting Gears
- Uphill & Downhill
- Your First Off Road Ride
- Biking in Traffic
- Finding Safe Bicycle Routes
Cycling & Traveling
- Cycling Travel Trips
- There's a Trek Travel Trip For You!
- Proper Racking
- Don't let a broken part ruin the trip
- Flying with Your Bike
Maintenance & Repair
- Put Together a Tool Kit
- Got a Flat, Know What to Do
- How to Clean your Bike & Keep it Clean
- Regular Drivetrain Maintenance a Must!
- Chain Tool-A Must for Off Road Riding
Off Road Riding & Racing
- Homemade Booties
- Save Your Levers
- Getting Into Bicycle Racing Preperation
- Getting Into Bicycle Racing Competing