Bike Barn Custom Fit Studio
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Who needs a bicycle fit?

Everyone who rides a bike needs a proper fitting. Whether you are a recreational, novice, or experienced rider, your bike must fit you.

What makes you different?

The Bike Barn Custom Fit Studio takes a personal approach to bike fitting. We utilize the Body Geometry Fit method combined with market leading Retul fit technology to perform a dynamic fit for each individual cyclist. Our fitters have trained with bike fit guru, Dr. Andy Pruitt, who founded Boulder Center of Sports Medicine and is now with CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center. We have certifications from Trek Precision Fit, Fit Institute Slow Twitch (F.I.S.T.), and Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI). Our Body Geometry Certified Master Fit Specialist, Cynthia Stewart, helps with teaching Body Geometry Fit Classes.

I had a bike fit when I bought my bike, do I need a custom fit?

Yes! Most “fits” at the time of bike purchase are actually only a static sizing to get you on the right size bike. A comprehensive fitting with a professional should take a few hours and, at the least, and should consist of a detailed interview with you followed by assessments for physical proportions, range of motion/flexibility in key muscle groups, bio-mechanical alignment assessment, and a dynamic session with you.

I didn't buy my bike from Bike Barn, can you fit it?

Certainly! We perform fits on all types of bikes (road, cyclocross, tri, mountain) and any brand. While we are a Trek and Specialized dealer, we perform custom fits on all brands of bikes. We want you have a better cycling experience and to look forward to your next ride!

Do you do aero/tri fits:

Tri fits are one of our specialties. We work with many local tri clubs and their athletes to ensure that they have the most efficient bike fit for their races. We've trained with some of the top tri bike fit instructors in the country, including Dr. Andy Pruitt and Dan Empfield of Our fit experts have performed over 400 tri/aero fits and would love to help you with your tri fit.

I'm in the market for a new tri bike. When should I schedule my fit?

Tri bike geometries are so different from road bikes and differ from brand to brand.  We recommend a fit on our size cycle to determine what's best for you. From there we can help you with frame selection and then help set up your new bike.

How long does a custom fit take?

Fits at the Bike Barn Custom Fit Studio are by appointment and take about 2 to 2.5 hours. We start with an interview to gather information about your cycling history, injury history, current cycling goals, and any issues that you may be having on the bike.  

Next we perform a brief physical assessment to measure your flexibility, range of motion, and body structure. This helps us to evaluate what would be the most efficient position for you.

We perform dynamic fits using 3D motion capture and video technology. We’ll also make adjustments to make the bike fit you best. 

What results can I expect?

We recommend that you decrease the intensity and length of your rides for a few weeks after your fit. Your body is in a new position and it may take time to adapt to the adjustments that were made during your fit. Some athletes notice an immediate improvement to their comfort and power—others may take a few weeks to strengthen muscles that they haven't used before.

Can I come in for a fit anytime?

Our fits are by appointment only to ensure focused & dedicated one-on-one time with our clients.

What should I bring?

Please bring your bicycle (unless we are performing the fit on our size cycle), cycling attire, towels, and shoes that you use for cycling—just like you're going for a ride.

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