Bike Barn Custom Fit Studio
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Benefits and Testimonials

Ed - Specialized S-Works Tarmac Road Bike

"First ride with the new frame today was AWESOME! I don't think I'd change a thing!

"On a usual Sunday morning 30 mile loop where we wanted to just 'stretch out the legs' I set 20 PR's on Strava including taking 10 seconds of my PR over Elysian. I'm sure some of that was the conditions, and resting after the BATB, but the bike felt great.

"The problem I had with the old bike was not feeling as comfortable in the drops as I should. I always felt cramped. Today, it was perfect. I could also feel the higher center of gravity, which made pedaling around sweeping turns 'different,' the older frame is probably a bit more nimble because of the shorter wheelbase, but that was a non-issue.

"Thank you for nailing the set up!"

Michael - Triathlete - Cannondale Slice

“The new aerobars and fit worked out great. No shoulder ache – it worked out awesome. Thank you so much! I am a lot better and more comfortable.”

Carolina E.

"I bought a new bike in January and went to get it fit with the wrong person. I hurt my back so bad that on the peak training time (race was in MAY and I was injured badly mid MARCH), I was in bed, MRI, X-RAYS, sick by medication that I couldn't tolerate, and emotionally devastated that I was not going to be able to race.

"As the determined person that I am I didn't want to give up. I got information from my coach about Cynthia and within a week I was in her studio. While the other fitter took few minutes to fit me in, Cynthia spent 2.5 HOURS fixing everything that needed it.

"THANKS TO HER I was back on my bike a week later and was able to get in a few long rides (85 miles was the longest I could squeeze in) and on MAY 14th I became an IRONMAN.

"I couldn't do it without her help and assistance. I HIGHLY recommend her and the studio. A good fit is an INVESTMENT in you and your body!!"

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